You can submit a nomination for any of the three awards, namely the President's Science Award, the President's Technology Award and the President's Science and Technology Medal by filling in the particulars required under the Nominate page. Email notification will be sent to the nominee(s) of President's Science Award and President's Technology Award to inform them on the nomination. For PSTM nomination, nominator to download the nomination form from the website and upload it together with the nominee's CV/Biodata.
You can nominate yourself (or your team) for the President's Science Award and the President's Technology Award only. You can do so by submitting the necessary documents through this PSTA Portal (see answers for questions 3 and 4 below), without having to submit a nomination.Kindly note that the President's Science and Technology Medal is not open for self-nomination.
For the President’s Science Award and the President's Technology Award, nominees have to complete and submit the nominee form, declaration form and 3 referee forms. Team submissions can be submitted by an appointed team leader for, and on behalf of the team. For the President's Science and Technology Medal, nominators will be contacted by the PSTA Secretariat if any document(s) are required.
You have to register as a PSTA Portal user by creating an account at the Submit Documents page. Once done, you can login as a registered user and submit the relevant documents (see answer for question 3). Please refer to the A*STAR PSTA User Guide for more details.
ONLY documents in either PDF or Word DOC (non-editable) formats.
Please refer to the ‘Submission Start Date’ and ‘Submission End Date’ stated under each award at the Awards page.
There is no specific timeframe that a nominee for any award has to contribute to the scientific landscape in Singapore. However, nominees are expected to have carried out substantial amount of research in Singapore. You may wish to read more about past winners and their respective contributions at the Winners page.
Yes, the same nominee can be nominated concurrently for all three awards, where appropriate.
Nominee is to source for his/her own referee reports, and submit the referee reports together with his/her nomination form via the PSTA portal. The referees need not be in the same industry or research area as the nominees, but a referee has to understand the work that the nominee presented.
PSTA Secretariat will send email notifications to the shortlisted PSA and PTA nominees to do each a presentation on their nomination at the judging session that will be held in June/July. For PSTM, the nominator is required to do a 10-minute presentation should their nomination be shortlisted. The award winners will be announced at the President's Science and Technology Awards Ceremony in September 2018.

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