History Of Awards

2009 marked the first year that the President’s Science and Technology Awards (PSTA) were presented. The awards, formerly known as the National Science and Technology Awards since 1987, were elevated to the status of the President’s awards to highlight and give due recognition to the important role research scientists and engineers play in Singapore. The prestige of the President’s awards underpins Singapore’s efforts to raise the level of excellence in research and strengthen the growing community of scientific talent in Singapore. The President’s Science and Technology Awards constitute three different awards, namely, the President’s Science and Technology Medal, the President’s Science Award and the President’s Technology Award. The winners of the respective awards have been carefully chosen through a rigorous process by a selection committee comprising key representatives from the government, industry, academia and public research institutes.

Brand Concept
PSTA is the premier award giving body for the research scientists and engineers in Singapore. The PSTA brand stands for prestige and honour and the embodiment of this is “Brilliance given Form”. The PSTA star was introduced in 2011, and is a visual metaphor for the manner in which the exceptional works of the award’s recipients reflect back on their personal ingenuity and continued search for excellence. Radiating graphic shards depict the outcome of research, which in turn enclose the shape of a star at the centre—the unmistakable emblem of prestige and achievement.

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